King Asphalt, Inc. has been proudly serving South Carolina’s upstate with a full service paving company focused on safety and quality. Our facilities include two SCDOT certified field laboratories on site at our asphalt plants, as well as a SCDOT certified mix design laboratory and equipment for adequate and proper testing and inspecting on job sites.

The Quality Control Department is staffed by experienced and certified personnel. Some of the qualifications include various South Carolina Department of Transportation certifications through Tri-County Technical College, Nuclear Gauge Safety and Hazardous Materials Training, an on-site Radiation Safety Officer, as well as continuing education through courses, webinars, conferences and other training opportunities.

King Asphalt maintains a full list of SCDOT approved mix designs ready for any project you may bring to us. The Quality Control Manager, as well as our experienced Project Managers and Estimators can also help you choose the right mixes and applications to ensure a long lasting high quality product. SCAPA has created a design guide which may also help determine what’s right for your project. If you are used to working with older specifications or neighboring states specifications, you can find the ‘translations’ to South Carolina specifications on the Mix Comparison Sheet too. Both of those documents can be found here.

All of our certified technicians set quality as a priority in their work each day. They take a professional approach by focusing on asphalt plant production, testing and inspection every day to ensure that the specifications and requests of each project are obtained. They are proactive in their methods; checking, testing and inspecting the products on a regular basis to always fulfill our motto of, ‘Safety. Quality. Success.’

King Asphalt partners with the South Carolina Department of Transportation, South Carolina Asphalt Pavement Association, and Tri-County Technical College to explore new products and investigating different processes concerning asphalt. It is our hope that this relationship will further the development of innovative ways to produce the best quality asphalt products and to introduce the asphalt industry to our future generations.