EZ Street

EZ STREET® is a polymer-modified cold asphalt guaranteed to permanently repair potholes, utility cuts, overlays, and edge repairs in asphalt or concrete.  EZ STREET® cold asphalt is currently manufactured by King Asphalt and sold in bulk as well as 35 and 50 pound bags.  EZ STREET® cold asphalt works in water, most weather conditions, and requires no mixing or tack.


Utility Cuts…..

When properly installed, EZ STREET® cold asphalt can be used as a permanent trench patch.  As with any asphalt, it is important that the base material is stable prior to installation.  Once base material in the utility cut is ready, EZ STREET® should be installed in 2” lifts and compacted with a steel wheel roller or plate compactor.  EZ STREET® can be expected to compact up to 40% before proper density is achieved.  The final lift should be approximately 1” higher than the desired finished surface prior to compaction.  This will insure that enough EZ STREET® cold asphalt will be forced into the trench and proper density be achieved.

Water Valve, Catch Basin, Manhole Surrounds…

EZ STREET® cold asphalt can also be used as a permanent asphalt material around water valves, catch basin grates and manhole covers.  Lids and rings can cause significant compaction difficulties.  It is often necessary to install and compact 2” at a time for best results.


Possibly the easiest and most popular use of EZ STREET® cold asphalt is as a permanent pothole repair.  The first step is to sweep the pothole clean of debris.  For most potholes, the next step is simply to pour EZ STREET® into the pothole.  Leave the material in a small crown to accommodate for the third step, compaction.  The deeper the pothole, the higher the crown will need to be.  Finally, compact the material with a hand tamp or the backside of a shovel or wheel roll with a vehicle.